God welcomes you to become part of his Christian family. Baptism is the beginning of our journey to and with God.

Through the sacrament of Holy Baptism, we are given something that by nature we cannot have. We come to know ourselves as loved and adopted children of God. It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate God’s love for us and our place as God’s children. 

All persons to be baptised must have one or more sponsors, or Godparents, who will stand with them and promise to pray for them as they develop in their faith. Godparents must themselves be baptised Christians. If the people you would like as Godparents are not baptised, but desire baptism into the Christian faith, please ask. 


Baptism cannot be re-done or undone. Baptism is not undertaken as denominational but as a Christian. The vows remain. When we are baptised, something real happens. Water is but the outward and visible sign of the invisible presence of the Holy Spirit. We are changed forever, in a mysterious and wonderful way. We take on the character of Christ, and begin a new life.

How do I arrange a baptism?

For yourself or your child to be baptised at St Francis you should normally be resident in our parish, be a regular worshipper in our church or have a connection with the church (for example, you yourself were baptised at St Francis Church).

We require only that you understand what you or your child will be undertaking.

Baptism and Communion services are public services and usually take place during the main parish service at 10.15am. To find out more, contact us on 020 8500 2970 or


A parish church in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England. 


St Francis of Assisi Church

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Telephone: 020 8500 2970

Safeguarding Officer: Wendy Smith

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